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Our promotional campaigns for artists and labels are designed to grow your audience in an organic way. We use well thought out strategies to engage with your fans and reach new milestones.

Get Lit Media Marketing serves artists, labels and brands across all genres. We have established a track record of successful video promotions and a vast network to make various genres of music go viral.


Get Lit Media Marketing is one of the biggest online music marketing companies worldwide. We specialize in Social Media Marketing, Music Marketing & more. Each of our services specifically addresses a target within the web marketing arena. The scope of our marketing services includes the following platforms: Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Spotify, Blogs, Influencers, & more.

Our goal is to empower indie artists, established artists alike, and creators, by driving attention to their music and helping them navigate the music industry. Our team of highly trained marketing experts will help you connect with the key people relevant to your sound, grow your audience and increase your exposure to the maximum level.

Join the 'Get Lit Media Marketing' community today to reach your dreams and independently run your career the way you always wanted. Never miss out on the latest trends in the music industry, and let us guide you through the new world of music promotion.

Get a free music review by texting "musicreview" to (347) 327-8833. We will review your music and send you more info on how we can help.

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